Location advantages of


  • Access to two markets, EU/EEA and Switzerland
  • Moderate corporate taxation, simple tax system, flat tax
  • AAA country rating from Standard & Poor’s
  • Liberal economic policy and liberal company law
  • Stable currency, Swiss franc as its legal currency
  • Stable social, legal and economic order
  • High degree of political continuity
  • Sound fiscal policy regarding public budget
  • Very good infrastructure of a manageable size

Our expertise


Corporate Services

We organize establishment of companies in multiple jurisdictions, recruiting industry qualified directors, setting up registered offices and putting in place every aspect of local administration including tailored accounting services for the respective jurisdiction.
Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

We provide a balanced mix of tax planning, wealth protection, estate planning and business succession planning. Our customized solutions in the financial planning field allow you to protect your wealth and assets for future generations - our value from our family to yours.
Lifestyle Management

Embrace the Extraordinary:
Turning Impossibilities into Triumphs!

Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management

We can add real value to your life by taking care of some essential and time consuming tasks for you. Reasons to subscribe to a concierge service:

1. to save time
2. to outsource time consuming and repetitive tasks.

We take care of every aspect of Your life to give you back the luxury of time.
Start-up Consulting

Start-up Consulting

As a family office, we see it as our task to advise young entrepreneurs even before the foundation of the company and to fully support them with our services over the entire period up to the successful business venture.

In order to successfully follow this path together, we have included additional services such as corporate design or translations for international business activities in our portfolio.
Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

A branding strategy is the journey to bring vision to life and beyond, a series of long-term goals that ultimately result in the identification and preference of your brand by consumers.

Often misconceived, a branding strategy is not the sum of your logo, colour palette, or website; though these creative elements are integral to a successful branding strategy. A branding strategy revolves around all the intangible elements that over time drive brand awareness, brand equity, and brand sentiment.

Hera Experts

Our team

Time Lemaire, Founder and CEO


Founder & CEO
Tim Lemaire, originally from Germany, was raised in Liechtenstein, where he continues to reside with his wife and two children. His professional journey commenced after completing his schooling with a three-year apprenticeship at one of Liechtenstein's premier trust companies. This period was formative for Tim, providing him with invaluable insights into the multifaceted world of trust business.

Early on, Tim realized his passion lay within the realm of trust services. Determined to further his expertise, he enrolled in a two-year program at the University of Liechtenstein in 2011. There, he graduated as a qualified trust expert, elevating his knowledge to an academic level. Over the years, Tim has worked in various esteemed trust firms in the Principality of Liechtenstein, continually expanding his knowledge and experience. After 15 years of service to others, he felt the time was ripe to venture into entrepreneurship.

In 2019, Tim founded the Hera Family Office, with offices in Liechtenstein and Dubai. Specializing in core services such as estate planning and asset protection, the Hera Family Office places particular emphasis on trusts and foundations. With a solid foundation of expertise and a steadfast commitment to client needs, Tim Lemaire is a trusted partner for tailored solutions in the trust sector.
German & English
Sabine Lemaire, Office Manager


Office Manager
Sabine resides in Liechtenstein with her husband and children, having been born and raised in the country. She brings to the table over 15 years of professional experience in the financial services industry, acquired through roles in several prestigious trust companies. As the office manager of our headquarters in Liechtenstein, Sabine oversees Operations & Partner Management, as well as Sales & Marketing.

Throughout her career, Sabine has demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies of the financial services sector, coupled with a keen insight into client needs. Her leadership in managing operational aspects ensures smooth functioning within the organization, while her strategic prowess in sales and marketing drives business growth and fosters client relationships.

Sabine's dedication, coupled with her wealth of experience, makes her an invaluable asset to our team, embodying our commitment to client satisfaction.
German & English
Florian Wenaweser, Board Member

Florian Wenaweser

Board Member
Florian Wenaweser was born and raised in Liechtenstein, where he still lives with his wife and two children. After his apprenticeship in the fiduciary sector he has completed a variety of further education in the areas of corporate management, taxation and compliance. In addition, Florian has successfully passed the Liechtenstein Fiduciary Examination and as a Member of the Board of Directors he is responsible for the strategic expansion in Liechtenstein.

German & English
Denise Lemaire, COO and Management Board


COO & Management Board
Denise completed her training at a renowned trust company in Liechtenstein, before gaining valuable experience in accounting and controlling at an international online service company in Switzerland. Upon returning to her homeland, she worked at a service and trust company, specializing in client accounting, where she acquired extensive knowledge in mandate accounting in both Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Following the successful completion of her studies in Business Administration (Dipl. Betriebswirtin HF) in Chur, Denise transitioned to a respected auditing firm, where she gained experience in auditing and compliance. During this time, she also had the opportunity to contribute to a project at a prestigious bank in Liechtenstein.

Denise's career journey reflects versatility and a broad spectrum of experiences in both the trust industry and auditing sector. Her solid education and practical experience make her a valuable asset to our team, and we appreciate her commitment to excellence in every project she undertakes.
German & English
Ivan Quintans - Head Wealth Planning & Management Board

Ivan Quintans

Head Wealth Planning & Management Board
Ivan brings over a decade of valuable professional experience to the Hera Group. His professional journey began with a three-year apprenticeship, followed by a transition to the trust industry.

With substantial further education in Business Administration and a Diploma Programme at the University of Liechtenstein in Trust Services, Ivan has consistently expanded his expertise. Growing up in Liechtenstein as the son of a Spanish father and a Croatian mother, he is fluent in not only German and English but also two other languages. He resides in Liechtenstein with his wife and their daughter.

After eight impressive and instructive years at one of the largest trust companies in Liechtenstein, Ivan joined the Hera Family Office in late 2023. His expertise lies in Wealth Planning, and as a member of the Management Board, he is responsible for developing wealth strategies and examining potential structures to achieve our clients' individual goals.
Spanish, German, English, and Croatian
Chiara Bigger - Personal assistant to the CEO Tim Lemaire

Chiara Bigger

Personal assistant to the CEO Tim Lemaire
Chiara was born and raised in Liechtenstein. After successfully graduating from High School, she took her first steps into the professional world at a trust company in Liechtenstein. She then joined the Hera Family Office, where she simultaneously pursues her business studies.

Her ability to coordinate effectively and adapt to a wide range of requirements makes her a reliable and valued employee. With her commitment and dedication to her tasks, she is an important support and contributes significantly to the smooth running of our company.

In our team, she is the CEO's right-hand and acts as his personal assistant.
German, Italian & English
Nicole Blöchliger  - Senior Trust & Compliance Officer

Nicole Blöchliger

Senior Trust & Compliance Officer
Our valued employee, Nicole, has an impressive professional experience and a solid education in the fiduciary industry. Her professional journey began with a commercial apprenticeship at one of the most renowned trust companies in Liechtenstein. She remained there for a considerable time after her training and gained valuable expertise in the industry.

With a desire for change, Nicole ventured into a new sector and gained several years of valuable experience at a leading bank in Liechtenstein. However, her passion for the fiduciary sector led her to return to the same company where she started out.

After her maternity leave, Nicole decided to take on a new challenge and joined the Hera Family Office, where she has been working for almost a year. In addition to her successful professional career, she is a loving wife and mother of two children who lives with her family in Liechtenstein.

Nicole is an important pillar in the day-to-day business and is responsible for looking after the fiduciary mandates. Her many years of experience and dedication make her a valued colleague who makes a significant contribution to the success of our team.
German & English
Antonella Corrado  - Client Advisor, Hera Family Office

Antonella Corrado

Client Advisor
Antonella successfully completed her apprenticeship at a renowned trust company in Liechtenstein. Following her training, she was offered a permanent position at the same trust company, where she was responsible for managing various corporate mandates. Subsequently, Antonella gained experience at a private bank in Liechtenstein and now serves as a Client Advisor for our customers.

Antonella's career path demonstrates her ability to adapt to different roles within the financial sector. With her solid background in trust management and her experience in private banking, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role as a Client Advisor. Her dedication to providing top-notch service and building strong client relationships makes her a valuable member of our team.
German, English, Italian & French
Kunal Chokshi - Branding Specialist & Digital Marketing Head, Hera Family Office

Kunal Chokshi

Branding Specialist & Digital Marketing Head
Kunal, a Versatile Designer and Brand Specialist with over 24 years of extensive expertise. Hailing from India, Kunal embarked on his professional journey in the vibrant landscape of IT. However, his innate creativity and passion for aesthetics led him to specialize in product UI/UX design and branding. Now based in Poland, Kunal serves as a pivotal figure in shaping brand identities and crafting seamless user experiences.

With a hands-on approach, Kunal meticulously oversees every aspect of design and branding projects, infusing them with innovation and strategic vision. Beyond his professional commitments, Kunal finds solace and inspiration in the world of photography, where he captures moments that echo the beauty and diversity of life. An avid reader and enthusiast of literary exploration, Kunal's eclectic interests contribute to his multifaceted perspective as a designer and brand specialist.
English, Polish, Hindi & Gujarati
Philippe Lemaire, Head Internal Services

Philippe Lemaire

Head Internal Services
Philippe was born in France and moved to Liechtenstein with his family at a young age. He did an apprenticeship as a dental technician and built up his own laboratory in Ruggell. After a long stay in the USA, Philippe decided to move to the furniture industry and take a position as Sales Manager for Switzerland. Philippe is responsible for the administration and the smooth running of the company.
German & French